SCP:SL Server Rules

1. No hacking or any unfair additions that could make your game experience unfair to other players. (This does not include brightness setting, setting brightness is fine.)

2. SCPs may not team with MTF or Facility Guards.

3. Teamkill cannot happen for no reason, if the reason is RP, that is allowed. But your reason cannot be "I threw a grenade in the elevator because I was roleplaying mass suicide." or some other absurd reason.

4. Do not attempt to find loopholes in the rules.

5. No NSFW, Discrimination, Racism/Racial Slurs.

Other Rules Or Info

You can request a spawn as any class you wish, but it can not be near the end of a round, that could cause a round delay. (YOU MUST BE IN THE DISCORD TO USE SPAWNS)

Spawn Limits

SCP-096 = 1

SCP-939 = 3

SCP-049-2 = Infinite

SCP-049 = 1

SCP-079 = 1

SCP-173 = 1

SCP-106 = 1

Class-D = Infinite

Chaos Insurgency = 4

Scientist = 5

Facility Guard = 4

MTF = 5

How spawn limits work: If there is 1 SCP-939, you can request a spawn, but if there are already 3 SCP-939s on the server, you cannot spawn, basically there is a limit to how many of a certain class can be on the server. If that limit is reached or over the limit, you may not spawn as that class unless you are naturally spawned by MTF spawn or C.I spawn.

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