Discord: https://discord.gg/pdzcnWQ
Don't know why I'm adding this as it's obvious, in order to have fun on this server, you'll have to invite friends as the server is obviously dead. Not my fault it's dead though :/


1. No usage of the N word, especially the hard r
(meaning I may allow the usage of n*a)
2. Don't dox people, it's never allowed anywhere (I mean, maybe on the dark web...but still, no)
3. No
using cheats or exploiting bugs
4. Uh, idk, suffer?

 Plugins (Working|Unsure/Untested|Not Working):

- Admin Tools
- Better Disarming
- Better SCP-939
- Better Sinkholes
- Common Utils
- Creative Toolbox
- Discord Integration
- Lights
- MVP Reborn
- Peanut Forking Explodes
- Pocket Dimension Item Spit out
- Rainbow Tags
- Remote Keycard
- SCP-575
- SCP Utils
- Stalky 106
- Throw Items
- Tranquilizer Gun
- Ultimate AFK

I am not responsible if you don't end up reading the rules, then you cheat, and end up getting your account banned.
Pastebin link used for the server that includes the color codes because why not: pastebin.com/raw/5bs0MF4d