Hello, Welcome to Oxygen SCP DISCORD LINK >>>> DISCORD SERVER</color><<<<(CLICKABLE)
For Events, Roles, Badges and more join the discord! (Link above this)

Here are the rules for this server:
1- No Hate speech towards ANY group. This includes (But not limited to) Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, ect.
2- No Cuff-Killing it is counted as Friendly-fire.
3- No Staff impersonation
4- No Toxicity. Please don't be toxic, it ruins the game for others.
5- Don't Intentionally stall the round. (By teaming with an enemy Although Cross-teaming IS allowed)
6- Don't Intentionally get your teammates killed by teaming with an enemy.
7- Don't 049-2 suicide, it also ruins the game for those who fairly killed you.
8- Don't camp the HCZ Nuke room. It unnecessarily stalls the round for longer than needed.
9- Don't target a player just because they killed you. It makes it unfair for them playing the game their way.

Server info:
- Note: any player with a NU-7, ETA-10, Beta-7, Lota-10, Delta-5, Chaos Insurgency, Epsilon-11, Scientist, Class-D, Safe-SCP, Euclid-SCP, Keter-SCP, Thaumiel-SCP, Serpents Hand, O5, doesn't have permission to anything. Do NOT let them act higher or try to convince you otherwise these are just ''fun'' roles.
- Events and such will most likely be announced or mentioned in the Discord before-hand.
- NTF/CHI spawns are random from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
- The pocket dimension ALWAYS has a 20% chance to escape.
- You can upgrade items Without dropping them in SCP-914.
- If anyone is playing as a Tutorial they're just spectating In-game (You can get the ability to do this is the discord), Don't waste ammo or time trying to stop them. They Will NOT interfere with the round such as kill anyone, look at 096, ect.
- NOT a rule but please don't KOS the Class-D if you are a facility guard.
- AutoNuke is at 15 minutes. You CAN'T disable it after this time.
- Everyone is set to .9 size at the beginning of each match
- You can open doors without holding your keycard.
- NTF Commanders have 250 HP
- Tesla gates WON'T activate to Facility Guards, NTF Cadet/Lieutenant/Scientist/Commander, or Scientist.
- There is NO item limit (Although the game says you can only hold X amount of X item) You can hold up to 8 of any item type.
- SCP-173s Containment chamber acts as SCP-1162. You can drop anything (except ammo) and receive a random item.
- You throw stuff you drop. If you would like to drop it normally just look down and drop the item.
- Drinking 2+ SCP-207s will allow you to pry open SCP-914, Gate-A, and Gate-B.
- Drinking more that 4x SCP-207 will cause you to explode.
- SCP-096 has flat HP. (Like old times)
- SCP-049 has 2000 HP.
- Class-D and Scientist have 10% additional HP.
- Custom SCP-914 and PT00 stuff are listed in the discord.
- The badges listed above on info #1 are all Available in the discord with server little benefits to each role. (No you do NOT have to pay for these roles.
- All classes can be changed in SCP-914
- Other wacky stuff