<link="https://discord.gg/vZj4jyEKBC">Join our Discord Server (Clickable)</a>

Server Rules:

<color=red>1. Respect Others:
- Treat all players with respect.
- No harassment, discrimination, or hate speech.

2. Follow Staff Instructions:
- Cooperate with server staff.
- Respect their decisions.

3. No Cheating or Exploiting:
- No hacks, exploits, or glitches.

4. Roleplay Encouraged:
- Respect players who engage in roleplay.
- Don't force it on others.

5. No Mic Spam or Chat Flood:
- No excessive noise or chat spamming.

6. English Only:
- Use English for all communications.

7. No Ghosting:
- Don't share game info with non-players.

8. No Advertising:
- No promotion without permission.

9. No Team Killing or Griefing:
- No intentional sabotage or team killing.

10. No Inappropriate Content:
- Keep content suitable for all ages.

11. Listen to SCP: SL Rules:
- Follow official game rules.

12. Have Fun:
- Let's enjoy the game together!

Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.