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Slots: 30
Friendly Fire: Off


1. Be kind to others and treat people with respect.

2. Only D-Class and Chaos can team with SCPs. Any other human classes cannot team with SCPs.

3. Sabotaging your team is not allowed. e.g. Closing doors infront of teammates. Trapping teammates in rooms. Burning or stealing keycards/items in 914.

4. No kind of discrimination against anyone is allowed. Respect others.

5. No stalling/camping. Don't try to extend the round length by being in a single spot for a longer time.

6. Soundboards should not be played in Spectator, SCP-VoiceChat, Round Start and End, Radio and Intercom

7. You're not allowed to use any kind of Alt-Account to evade a ban/mute/warn. You will be banned forever.

8. The moderation team has the final authority.

9. The usage of any cheats/exploits and glitches!

10. English should be the only language spoken!


Have fun!

Please contact @tinoyeet on discord with questions, issues or suggestions or send a message in the discord.
You can submit issues at [email protected]