Server Features
- SCP-173, SCP-939 and SCP-049 gain health upon kills.
- #914 class upgrades
- #914 held item upgrades
- 20 minute auto nuke
- SCP-049 can talk to humans
- No Friendly Fire
- SCP-035. An item will spawn randomly that, if picked up, will kill the player, and a spectator will inhabit their body, becoming an SCP.
- Buffed SCP-939. SCP-939 is 25% smaller and is faster than players. after biting a player, they receive a slow down penalty for 5 seconds. their bite damage deals 40hp base damage, but with gunshot wounds, the dog becomes more powerful. dealing more damage in one bite.
- SCP-106's containment room can be accessed by a research supervisor or Commander keycard.
- Surface Nuke Room door can be opened with no item. SCPs can open this door (activation of the nuke still requires a keycard)
- SCP-106 only has 1 escape corridor, which resets after a player escapes. (this is to compensate for easier access to his containment)
- Sinkholes in Light containment teleport you to the pocket dimension if you get too close to the centre.
- Custom loadouts:
- Class D spawn with a coin. 10% chance to spawn with a janitor keycard. 75% chance to spawn with a flashlight.
- Scientist spawn with adrenaline. 10% chance to spawn with research supervisor keycard. 75% chance to spawn with a flashlight. 25% chance to spawn with Disarmer
- Blackouts. The facility with encounter blackouts in most rounds, causing the lights to turn off. players can see with flashlights, and SCPs can see in the dark.
- Tranquilizer Gun. A pistol with a suppressor attachment will act as a tranquillizer gun. upon firing, it uses 12 bullets and prevents the player getting shot from moving (between 3 and 7 seconds). this only deals 1hp of damage and does not work against SCP-106 and SCP-173.

1) Be respectful in your conduct on this server, towards members and moderators alike.
2) Discrimination of any kind (such as racism or homophobia) will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This will result in an immediate ban
3) Killing D-class on sight (unless you are playing as an SCP) is not allowed. request for them to surrender. if they do not comply or are wielding a weapon against you KOS applies.
4) Excessive noise in the Spectator, SCP or Radio chat is not allowed. Respect players asking you to stop something.
5) Team sabotage is not permitted and is a bannable offence. This includes using SCPs to kill teammates, closing doors to trap teammates, MTF disabling generators repeatedly or SCP-079 killing SCPs using the tesla gates.
6) hacking or exploiting bugs will result in a ban.
7) DDOS threats result in an instant permanent ban.