Welcome to The Salt Mines!

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1. Hate Speech is forbidden and will incur an immediate ban! This includes, but is not limited to: racism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia.
2. Harassment of any kind is prohibited, though you you can smack-talk if both sides are ok with it
3. Advertisement is not allowed unless if you have it in your name and its sfw
4. Use common sense and avoid loop holes. Server Staff have final say.
5. Cheating and / or using exploits / addon's are strictly forbidden.
6. No direct or indirect threats
7. You cant share personal info without consent.
8. Be mature and give people the benefit of the doubt
9. You cant kill detained d-class on purpose.
10. No mic-spamming: spectator chat, radio, or on intercom
10. Teaming is allowed if it does not hold up the round.
10. Don't suicide to avoid certain roles/classes.
Remember as stated above: Staff have final say on all matters, Respect them!