Nerds, Peanuts, D-Boys, N' Dogs

Welcome to Nerds, Peanuts, D-Boys, N' Dogs! We are a small SCP:SL community that provides a rich and fun vanilla experience. Meet new people, have amazing in game battles, and more!

Contact: discord.gg/ZeSAmzP

1. No killing cuffed Class-D or Class-D being escorted as MTF/Scientist.
2. No obviously incorrect teaming. (MTF + SCP, CHAOS + MTF, D-CLASS + MTF (unless cuffed), ECT.)
3. No toxicity. (Being racist, offensive, all that bad stuff. Don't do that.)
4. If an admin asks for you to stop doing something, please respect them and stop.
5. If you're going to do something that you think might be against the rules,
proceed with asking the admins before doing it, or don't do it at all.