Freyas Fortress

Discord Link :

- Hosted in the UK
- Friendly fire is disabled
- Auto warhead activation at 20 minutes
- Mods can end rounds at 32 minutes (to prevent round stalling)
- Swap SCPs with your team mates! You can only swap within 60 seconds of spawning. Use the command in the console ( ` button) eg: ".scpswap 173". The other person then has to respond by typing ".scpswap yes" in their console.
- PFE plugin. Don't get to close to SCP-173 when he dies!
- 049 can talk to humans
- 6 second spawn protection for Chaos and MTF
- AFK kick

1) Do not create excessive noise in spectator chat, SCP chat or over the radio! (this includes voice chat as well as soundboards). Soundboards are fine as long as they are not in the chats mentioned above but be considerate to other players if they ask you to stop. This includes the intercom. If other players or a moderator ask you to turn your music down a smidge or to play a different song because of low quality/earrape please listen to them and change the settings/song.

2) Please don't sabotage your team/spectators! This applies only to the following situations (moderator discretion may be applied on a case by case basis):
- 079 killing fellow SCPs.
- MTF repeatedly disabling generators.
- Using another Faction to kill someone of your own Faction (Exception: D-Class and Chaos)
- Unnecessarily delaying the round after the nuke has gone off.

3) Please refrain from harassment and continual offence towards other people. There is a fine line between harassment and banter, everyone has different thresholds so please be mindful of this. Also be aware that there might be minors in the game with you, so please conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

4) Hate speech or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated on the server. This includes (but is not limited to) abusive or threatening speech expressing prejudice or hate towards a person/group based on their race, gender, identity or religion, slurs or sexually derogatory comments. We want to promote an open and accepting community!

5) Don't impersonate mod staff, avoid outing staff members as mods since it can affect active investigations. If you are dealing with mod staff, they will have an ingame tag of specifically one of the following:

6) Hackers will be banned from our Servers and your account reported to the NW Staff Team. Exploiting is also bannable. Exploiting is when a player is using a glitch to gain direct or indirect advantage, for example glitching on top of an object to escape an SCP or extending the round by glitching into OOB areas.

- Where are my notes?!