Hello and Welcome to Peanut Lovers! We're a pretty chill server that keeps our rules simple and loose for the most part. We run on EXILED but most plugins are for moderation or event purposes, so they shouldn't affect your general gameplay too much.

Discord: https://discord.gg/EBnyByJREm

1. No racist or homophobic language is to be used on the server under ANY circumstances. ZERO TOLERANCE!
2. No using exploits (this should go without saying) or abusing bugs.
3. No mass teamkilling (on our server 3 or more) or purposely teamkilling people for no reason.
4. No teaming with SCP's unless you are Chaos Insurgency
. You can still make deals with SCP's.
5. No throwing grenades in elevators or attempting to throw grenades in elevators with the intention of killing your teammates!
6. No purposely delaying the round.
7. Don't be a complete douchebag -_- Have common decency and use common sense and we won't have any problems

You are responsible for reading and acknowledging all the rules before joining the server.

If you are interested in applying as a moderator, applications are on our Discord server:

Thanks for playing! We hope you'll join our community, enjoy your stay, and everything we have to offer! :D!