Welcome to the Church of 939!
Actual church services hosted Saturday at 7:00 PM US Mountain time
RULES: (don't be stinky)

1. No Homophobic/Racist language
2. No cheating/hacking
3. No SCP Suiciding
4. Have common sense.
5. Rules may be (slightly) bent if it falls under the Jester's Court. Effectively meaning that some rules may be broken if it is "for the funny" WITH MANY EXCEPTIONS.
6. FF is tolerated if you are killing a Friendly Firer or if it once again falls under the "Jesters Court" and the other guy plays along
7. Admin's say is final! I don't want to interrupt my slaughter and you don't want to be punished, make both our lives easier.
8. Don't be egregiously unfunny on coms. i don't want to put a time limit and a reset time on it like everyone else.
9. Unless the D-Boy is armed, uncooperative, or the kill will win the game, spare them and don't be a jerk.
10. I don't care if you play music as long as it is 1. not excessively loud 2. Has an excessive amount of slurs in it (if you didn't realize i'll be more generous but listen and confirm before you play). If enough people are getting pissed by it just use common sense and stop.
11. this is small and more of a nit-picky thing but close doors on teammates 3 times in a row and they get to shoot you lol.

Admins do like to do a little trolling, but we will often compensate by making you SCP next round of just giving you something lol.

CURRENT MODS: (none are gameplay changing just QOL)

ScpSwap: When you are scp, type in console (~ button) .scpswap (scp number goes here) and swap an scp.
SpectatorList: Pretty self explanatory, you can see who spectates you.
ScpChatExtension: SCPs can proximity chat by pressing ALT.
SCP Disconnect: SCPs that leave will be replaced by a random spectator to keep the game going.

(psst you should join the discord)