VanguardSCP [US]\n
The <b>balanced
heavily modded server you've been looking for.

Server Rules
1. No hate speech will be tolerated. (racism, sexism, etc.) -- Music containing the "N word" if not discriminatory.
2. No team sabotage, this counts as cross-teaming, friendly fire, etc.
3. No stalling the game (intentionally).
4. No killing cuffed obedient personnel.
5. Use common sense. Only speak English, follow steam TOS, don't abuse bugs.
6. Micspam (music) is not allowed in SCP chat or in Spectator chat. No earrape at all.
7. Do not abuse the report system (fake reports, troll reports, etc.)
8. No teaming: SCP can spare Class-D/Scientist, but not actively team. Scientists/Class-D can spare each other.

Server Plugins
- Subclasses: You can have special roles such as Smuggler Class-D, Riftwalker MTF, Bruiser Chaos Insurgency and more!
There are multiple rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

- Funny Coins: Flip a coin to get a special effect! If it's heads, you get a positive effect. If it's Tails, you get a negative effect.
Effects range from super speed to getting a custom role, and even instantly exploding.

- ScpEventscolor>: Every 5 rounds, a special gamemode will happen! There is Tag, Infinity Warfare, Zombie Infection and even more!

Custom Escape: Guards can escape (does not count as a win condition). Cuffed MTF and cuffed CI can escape into the opposite role. Cuffed classes are unable to be shot except for their cuffer.

- Better Tesla Gates: If you have an O5, Facility Manager or a NTF Captain keycard, tesla gates will not trigger!

You can join our Discord by clicking this text.

Thank you for playing on Vanguard!