The idea behind the creation of DAILYGAME has been to ensure the game long lasting player activity. The server was officially up for the public on the 28th of may 2022, and to this day we're still taking great responsibility to ensure people can still have a blast playing SCP: Secret Laboratory. Click here to join our Discord server.


1. Excessive and repetitive loud volumes in spectator voice chat is prohibited.
2. Cheating or anything that counts as unfair gameplay is not allowed.
3. Down evaluating another human being is a serious rule break.
4. Do not talk against a staff member, follow their instructions.
5. Make sure you're following SCP:SL's official Terms of Service.


Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Allocated Memory: 8GB RAM
CPU Clock Speed: 4.2Ghz (6 Cores\12 Threads)

Discord Server: