The Official EU-CENTRAL SCP Secret Laboratory Server!

A dedicated and non-toxic community filled with cheerful and helpful people! Welcome to the official Central European SCP Secret Laboratory Server! Our server is situated in Bulgaria in the south-eastern region of Europe. Have fun!

For any questions related to this server please send an email to [email protected] or send a message to k0vac#4739/Takail#6969 in the official SCP:SL/Redline Community Discord server and expect a reply in 1-12 hours.

Our Discord:<--- Click Me To Join

Information on moderator applications can be found in the #information channel on our Discord.

Donate €5 or more for the rank Sexy Donator AND a reserved slot! More info in the #donators-wall channel on Discord.

0. Use common sense, don't ruin other peoples fun for the sake of it and all round dont be a dick.
1. No malicious mic-spam or ear rape, dont yell down your mic just because it'll annoy other people.
1a. No music over radio, spectator or intercom chat, everywhere else is fine though.
2. Don't be Card Greedy - If you have more keycards than you need and your teammates are asking for a card dont be a dick, just give them one.
3. No Hacking - We maintain a 0 hacks policy here.
4. No Begging - Don't beg admins for Items, Classes, Admin Passwords, Weapons or anything unless the admin is giving away items to everyone.
5. No Trolling - This includes trapping team mates in rooms, burning cards in 914 or spamming the warhead lever on and off constantly.
6. No Evading - This means using other steam accounts or other means to get around bans, you will be banned forever.
7. No Cross-Teaming - SCPs cannot under almost any circumstances work with any human team. However deceiving a human for personal gain for a short time is acceptable such as saying you'll team if they open 914 then killing them after they open.
8. Don't stall - Needlessly extending the round pisses people off and will result in you getting kicked.
9. No Discrimination - Hate against any age, gender, nationality, race and such will result in severe punishment. This includes the use of racial slurs.
10. No camping. Do not camp places such as MTF or CI spawns and do not camp checkpoints it ruins the fun for everyone. You may hide for periods of time however this does not apply if you hiding is holding up the round.