Crystal Cove [UK]

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This server is Hosted within the UK.

Server Rules
1. Usage of exploits, abuse of bugs/glitches on this server is strictly prohibited. By doing so you risk a permanent ban.
2. Racism, discrimination, hateful conduct, and other offensive content is also strictly prohibited.
3. You may use a soundboard but don't overuse it or use it in the Spectator Chat. In-game staff will give you a heads-up if others are finding your soundboard annoying.
4. Teamkilling is not allowed on this server. This rule applies to all classes apart from D-class.
5. KOS (Kill on sight) is not allowed. As a Facility Guard or MTF you should not kill a D-class unless it is disobeying orders or armed. This rule also applies to cuffed classes, you cannot kill them.
6. SCPs may team with D-class and Chaos but they cannot team with other classes.
7. Camping is perfectly fine as long as it does not prolong the round.
8. Do not reveal hidden badges or tags of staff (in-game and on discord) to other players.
9. Do NOT kill yourself as a zombie. doing so can result in mutes/bans/kicks.

Note: Staff reserve the right to punish players for breaking server rules. If you've been warned or banned by a staff member without reason, you may report this issue in the discord server.