Hello! Welcome to Red's Laboratory! I hope you have a damn good time playing, but make sure you follow the rules, alright?

1. Don't be too rude. Be a bit respectful for your fellow players.
2: Don't purposefully hold up rounds (Unless you're about to clutch.)
3: No discrimination of any kind. There is a zero tolerance policy for this rule.
4: Keep soundboards in spectator chat to a minimum. If someone asks you to stop, then stop.
5: Any kind of hacking, cheating, exploiting, doxxing, or anything like it. There is a zero tolerance policy for this rule.
6. Do not harass or provoke staff. They have the ability to ban you ya know.
7: For your personal safety, don't send personal information to others.
8: You are only allowed to KOS cuffed players if they are not listening to your commands. We WILL investigate any reports for this rule.
9: This server follows the Jester's Rule, meaning that a rule can be broken, if deemed funny by the staff/community. Zero tolerance policy rules are NOT included.

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We frequently add, remove, and experiment with plugins. Join the discord to report any issues, or just for updates!
You can also find round reports on our discord, go check them out!

-=Custom Roles=-
Serpent's Hand - An organization that believes in allowing anomalous entities to exist freely. They are hostile to all teams except SCPs.
The O5 Council - A highly secretive and powerful group of high-ranking officials who hold ultimate authority over the organization. They spawn with an O5 Keycard and a pistol. They are A Facility Force.
SCP-035 - A random item possessed by a malevolent entity capable of manipulating individuals into performing violent or destructive actions on its behalf. They are a SCP Force.

[EDIT] Warning! These plugins may not function properly, if at all. Here be dragons!
You can toggle proximity chat as an SCP by pressing your noclip bind. (Default is ALT)
Coins will now give you a random item or effect when flipped.
Keycards do not need to be held in order to be used, they just have to be in your inventory.
Every 15 minutes, A scan of the facility will happen. This will announce the presence of any Facility Forces, SCPs, and Chaos Insurgency. (Serpent's Hand is NOT included in scans.)
SCP-079 Has new abilities, along with Chaos Insurgents being able to help SCP-079 completely escape the facility.

The name "Red's Laboratory" is based on the server of a similar name. We have been given full and explicit permission from the Blu's Laboratory server owner to use this name. You may feel free to ask them personally over on our Discord. We will change the server name if directed by Blu's Laboratory owner or Northwood Employees.