Hello! Welcome to Lobo's Facility! I hope you have a damn good time playing, but make sure you follow the rules, alright?

1. Don't be too rude. Be a bit respectful for your fellow players.
2: Don't purposefully hold up rounds (Unless you're about to clutch.)
3: No discrimination of any kind.
4: Keep soundboards in spectator and radio to a minimum. Prox chat and Intercom are allowed.
5: No kind of hacking, cheating, exploiting, doxxing, or anything like it. You will not only be banned, but you will be reported directly to Northwood.
6. Do not harass or provoke staff. They have the ability to ban you, ya know.
7: For your personal safety, don't send personal information to others.
8: You are only allowed to KOS cuffed players if they are not listening to your commands.
9: Do not intentionally team kill.
10: This server follows the Jester's Rule, meaning that a rule can be broken, if deemed funny by the staff/community.

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The Discord server is currently a work in progress, but feel free!