Contact me here: Jedi Time Lord#2700

Our Plugins:
Chopper Drop: Supply drop at MTF spawn
Infiltrated: A plugin that allows you to have an infiltrator inside the classD.
Lights: Toggles lights.
Respawn Timer: Tells you how long till spawn
Wait and Chill: No more black screen waiting screen
Better 939: An upgraded version of the already existing SCP-939.
SCP-939 size has been reduced by 25%, it's faster than humans and will get slowed down after hurting someone.
In return, its attack will be boosted based on the damage taken.
The adrenaline bar will show how much angry it is.
Lone 079: Turns 079 to a random SCP when hes the last left.
SCP008X: Zombies can spread infection
012: Adds 012 in 012.
1162: If you drop an item in 173 chamber, you will get another item. OR a corpse.

1. Don't be a dick
2. No teamkilling (Exceptions are, cross fire, or D-Class on D-class)
3. No Teaming, unless it fulls under the following
D-Class and MTF/Facility Guard (MTF/FG detaining a D-Class)
D-Class and Scientist helping to avoid SCP's/escape
Temporally sparing a human class to escape confinement (i.e trapped in 914)
5. MTF/Facility Guards cannot kill Class-D's unless they have been seen with a weapon. If 1 D-Class has a gun, all D-Class in that
area can be killed.
6. Follow everything a staff says.
7. Have fun!