Hello, Welcome to Oxygen SCP DISCORD LINK >>>> DISCORD SERVER</color><<<<(CLICKABLE)
For Events, Roles, Badges and more join the discord! (Link above this)

Here are the rules for this server:
1- No Hate speech towards ANY group. This includes (But not limited to) Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, ect.
2- No Cuff-Killing, it is counted as Friendly-fire.
3- No Staff impersonation
4- No Toxicity. Please don't be toxic, it ruins the game for others.
5- Don't Intentionally stall the round. (By teaming with an enemy Although Cross-teaming IS allowed)
6- Don't Intentionally get your teammates killed by teaming with an enemy.
7- Don't 049-2 suicide, it also ruins the game for those who fairly killed you.
8- Don't camp the HCZ Nuke room. It unnecessarily stalls the round for longer than needed.
9- Don't target a player just because they killed you. It makes it unfair for them playing the game their way.

Server info:
- Events and such will most likely be announced or mentioned in the Discord before-hand.
- NTF/CHI spawns are random from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
- The pocket dimension ALWAYS has a 3/8 chance to escape.
- You can upgrade items Without dropping them in SCP-914.
- Tutorials are Serpents Hand and assist the SCPs in killing everyone
- NOT a rule but please don't KOS the Class-D if you are a facility guard.
- AutoNuke is at 15 minutes. You CAN'T disable it after this time.
- You can open doors without holding your keycard.
- Tesla gates WON'T activate to Facility Guards, NTF Cadet/Lieutenant/Scientist/Commander, or Scientist.
- There is NO item limit (Although the game says you can only hold X amount of X item) You can hold up to 8 of any item type.
- Drinking 2+ SCP-207s will allow you to pry open SCP-914, Gate-A, and Gate-B.
- SCP-096 has 1900 HP with a max of 100 AHP.
- SCP-049 has 2000 HP.
- Class-D and Scientist have 10% additional HP.
- Custom SCP-914 stuff.
- All classes can be changed in SCP-914 (Humans only)
- Much more