Kitchen Island #2 RP Server Information

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Game Changes
While disarmed you can't use doors or elevators.
Escaping while disarmed will change you into the opposite class.
- Scientist = Chaos
- Class D = MTF
- MTF = Chaos
- Chaos = MTF
Escaping the pocket dimension will teleport you to a random location.
No bodies in the pocket dimension.

The Rules
[1] RP.
[2] Spawn killing is not allowed.
[3] Never nuke early into the round.
[4] Racism and harassment is not acceptable.
[5] Using cheats and exploits is not allowed.
[6] Never mass team kill.
[7] Never team kill without a justified RP reason.
[8] Purposely delaying the round will result in you being slain.
[9] Mic spamming:
- Only allowed when alive.
- Don't use a radio.
- Don't as a SCP.

RP Guidelines
- Follow NLR (New life rule, don't revenge kill).
- Don't KOS at the start of the round (Facility Guards killing Class D on sight).
- SCPs may choose to be friendly or not.
- RP and teaming must be done using in-game voice chat, not 3rd party software such as Discord.