Banana's Crew

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Official Server Rules

<b>1.You MUST be 13 or older to play on this server
<size=12><b>2.Delaying the round, your area will be announced if your the last remaining
<size=12><b>3.No mic spam except from proximity, click here for ---> [INFO]

<b>4.No discrimination of any kind, for example : N word, F slur and T slur
<size=12><b>5.Abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a tempban
<size=12><b>6.Cheating will result in a permanent ban
<size=12><b>7.Teaming is not allowed usually, click for more ---> [INFO]

<b>8.Kos is not allowed (Kill On Sight) on this server, click here for ---> [INFO]
<b>9.Don't target people for who they are eg: a moderator or a content creator
<size=12><b>10.English only on this server, refrain from speaking anything else.
<size=12><b>11.Please use common sense

<size=11>Plugin List Available Here---> [Plugins]

Server Contact's:
Contact Email: [email protected]
Reports and inquiries go to Muzneko and ReggieRevolver on discord

This Server Is A Member Of The Union! ---> [The Union]
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