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Link to our Discord Server! (You will need to join it in order to have XP and Levels)

We are the redux of "Noah's Nation" that sadly was closed. We are members of the community that decided to continue the legacy in Nevermore Network !

To help funding the server, we opened a Patreon Page which is available here ! Click Here For more information.

Welcome to Nevermore - EN ! We are a International community based around SCP:SL with servers around the globe ! (France, Europe and now America !). Our servers have rules to make your experience better !

1. Be respectful to other players and act polite with other people. Jokes are allowed but do not insult people randomly..

2. Everything that does not follow SCP:Secret Laboratory EULA is prohibited(e. g. Cheating).

3. Soundboards are allowed.However do not micspam in spectator chat,radio, or SCP Voice Chat. In addition to that, when someone asks you to stop micspamming, you'll need to stop.

4. Teaming is allowed/tolerated if it does not lead to round delays.

5. Teamkilling (directly or indirectly) is prohibited (e. g. teaming with the SCPs to get your team killed).

6. Stealing items at 914 is prohibited..

7. Intentional round delays are prohibited, this will cause you to be forceclassed to spectator and you will receive a warn.

8. Intentional Teamkilling and sabotaging your team is prohibited and might result in a 14 days/Permanent ban.

Respect the staff's decision, if you think that your punishement was unfair. Contact an Administrator or Yukzo.

By playing in our servers (French, European or American), we assume that all rules above were read and understood. Otherwise it might get you in trouble. For more information, join the Discord Server or contact us at [email protected] .