Aiden's SCP | SCP:SL

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Main Rules :
1. Cheats and exploitation is not allowed at all and will be resulted in a perm ban.

2. Endorsing suicide or life-threatening insults will result in a 35-day ban.

3. Toxic / harassment / offensive comments are not allowed and will result in a 2-hour ban.

4. Mic spamming is not allowed, Mute / soft ban.

5. Killing cuffed Class-D's is not allowed, 20-minute ban. (You can kill them if they are with enemy teams or not complying after 3 - 5 warnings.)

6. Calling out staff members who have a hidden tag is not allowed, Kick/ warn / 5-minute ban.

7. Advertising is not allowed, Perm ban.

8. Racism is not allowed, kick / warn / verbal / 5 minute - 10 day ban.

Misc :

- GOC. (New team.)
- Need Staff. (Join our discord.)
- Taking In Suggestions.
- New Community.