Server Rules:

No Racism Allowed: Any form of racism, even slight remarks, is strictly prohibited.

No Spawncamping: Spawncamping is not allowed, except in elevators.

Teamwork is Key: Do not sabotage your own team, such as closing doors on your teammates.

Moderate Teaming: Teaming is allowed, but not to the point of causing delays or imbalance.

Prioritize Happiness: Above all, prioritize happiness and positive gaming experiences.

No Micspamming: Micspamming, excessive use of microphones, is not allowed.

Respect Admin Decisions: Admins have the final say in all matters. Please do not contest their decisions.

English Only: The server strictly uses English for communication.

No Harm to Cuffed D Class: Killing cuffed D Class members is strictly prohibited.

No Self-Promotion: Refrain from self-promotion or advertising within the server.

No Harassment: Harassment of any kind is not allowed.


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