Teamkilling in any form is strictly forbidden. This includes requesting enemy classes to kill teammates, except yourself.

Harassment and discrimination, such as using slurs or verbally attacking players based on their race, age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc., will not be tolerated.

Cheating or exploiting is strictly prohibited.

Avoid killing detained D-Class or Scientists who are following orders. Undetaining an enemy just to kill them is also against the rules. While D-Class KOS is allowed, it's advised to detain them whenever possible.

Cross-teaming is not allowed, except for Insurgency<>SCP interactions. D-Class may team with SCPs, but they shouldn't hinder the round's progress.

Micspamming (loud/annoying sounds) in global chats (spectator, intercom, radio) is not allowed. Music is allowed if most players agree, but it must not be overly loud and should stop upon request.

Intentionally closing doors on teammates is prohibited.

Suiciding or leaving the match to avoid playing as an SCP is not allowed.

MTF team sabotage, such as turning off generators, flashbanging teammates, and undetaining D-Class before escape, is not allowed.

Bullet hole art must not be NSFW or otherwise inappropriate.

Use common sense. Excessively toxic behavior is not allowed.

Contact Email: [email protected]