Welcome to The Pond!

Need help with figuring out the server/game? Join our discord and ask away! We'll answer any question you need answered! https://discord.gg/ZYmNQfE

Basic server rules:
1: Please don't micspam music, shitposts, etc around the facility. Over intercom is acceptable. This will result in you getting a mute.
2: Don't KOS D-Class and Scientists IF you have a disarmer. This will result in a temporary ban.
3: Don't KOS based on subclasses like Dr. Maynard. This will result in a temporary ban.
4: If you are teamkilling outside of a spy class (Ex: Dr. Maynard) you will be punished with a temporary ban.
5: Don't use any external software or 'cheats' to make gameplay easier for you. This will result in a permanent ban.
6: Don't turn SCP-914 to Rough or Course to intentionally fuck up Scientist cards or coins. This will result in a temporary ban.

We are a modded SCP: Secret Laboratory server running on the EXILED server software! We have a google doc explaining most of our server plugins and there is a list of what plugins we use below this!</color></b>
Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ftJUQ9E97kYlEX-RpruN-ii3MlQzR-6MQRzkTsyZFIg/edit?usp=sharing

Plugins List:

Custom Items

We also use the following Subclasses to try and spice up gameplay!

Chaos & MTF Medics:</b> A way for players to be revived while they're actively playing as either a Mobile Task Force or Chaos Insurgency unit, but these medics aren't the most resilient combat role! They can revive people with .revive in their non-RA console and heal people with flashbangs!
Chaos & MTF Scouts: A fast-paced albeit weaker combat role to mainly see what lies ahead or to alert the team of any presences.
Dr. Maynard: A Chaos Insurgency Spy disguised as a doctor to help D-Class escape. Works wonders with a Chaos Insurgency group.
Medbay Nurses: A medical version for Scientists, can use their flashbangs to heal them incase of any workplace injuries.
SCP-035: An SCP designed around having the maneuverability and perks of being human while also being able to team with such friendly faces known as SCP-173, SCP-096 and SCP-106! Perfect for the genocidal rage built up in all of us!</color>