Banana's Crew

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Banana's Crew [EU Server 1]

- No KOSing a Detained Person
- No Uncuffing A player just to shoot them

Official Server Rules

1.No Delaying Rounds, Your Location Will Be Given To Others If You Are The Last Remaining Player On Your Team Or Are All In the Same Place.
<size=12>2.No Mic Spamming In Any Voice Chat Except From Playing Music In Proximity.
<size=12>3.No Discrimination Of Any Kind, For Example : N Word, F Word And T Word.
<size=12>4.Abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a tempban.
<size=12>5.Cheating Will Result In A Permanent Ban.

6.Teaming Is Not Allowed Unless It Doesn't Effect Anyone.
<size=12>6a.Players Can Make Agreements With Other Players To Get Out Of A Room Or To Items.
<size=12>6b.Players Must Separate Once They Reach Entrance Zone If They Are A Scientist Or D Class.
<size=12>6c.You Cannot Have A Agreement To Escape On Surface.
<size=12>7.Kos Is Not Allowed.(Kill On Sight) This Counts As Kos If You Uncuff A Player Just To Kill Them.
<size=12>7a.If You See Somebody Holding A Gun, Or They Are Not Following Your Orders(Running Away, Stopping And Not Moving), You Are Allowed To Kill Them.
<size=12>7b.Uncuffing Someone At The Exit Also Counts As Kos.
<size=12>7c.If You Surrender And Kill Someone After Surrendering You Will Be Punished.
<size=12>7d.You Don't Have To Kill Guards, Mtf Or Chaos You Can Cuff Them And Get Them On Your Side.
<size=12>7e.You Are Not Allowed To Kill Cuffed Players Even If They Are A Chaos Or Mtf.
<size=12>7f.Kos With Pink Candy Is Allowed.
<size=12>8.Don't Target People Just Because They Are A Moderator Or A Content Creator.
<size=12>9.Please Speak English.
<size=12>10.Please Use Common Sense.
<size=12>11.Just Have Fun.

<size=20>Plugin List Available On The Discord Server