Welcome to "This is an SCP server"
*And yes the name has a grammar issue on purpose*
Please read the rules. Enjoy your time on here.

Appeal your bans in the discord below
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• No cheating/glitching (eg. fly hacks, speed hacks, noclip hacks). You'll get permanently banned when you break this rule and there will be no appeals.

• No verbose racism. (Names will be resolved with a nickname change)

• Teaming is hard to explain here so just ask someone. (You wont be insta banned for teaming)

• MTF Are not allowed to get a d-class out without cuffing them.

• No killing cuffed class-d or scientist players (including uncuffing them to kill them), unless they dont comply with the things you told them to do or when they try to escape.

• No teamkilling (INCLUDES using other players to kill teammates intentionally).

• No closing doors/bullying your teammates (if your running from scps then this doesnt apply).

• No earrape or soundboard spamming in scp chat, spectator or radio.

• No troll reports.

• 3 warnings equals a ban that will be 1 day long. Every 3 warnings the ban length doubles. After hitting 12 warnings you will be permanently banned.