<align="center">[EU-West] Official Server
Location: Gravelines, France
Slots: 25
Discord: https://discord.gg/MemeSCP

We are tracking player statistics like deaths, escapes etc and save it by UserID. If you wish to opt-out, use the Do Not Track flag by starting your game with the -dnt startup parameter.


General Rules

Everyone deservers respect. Keep you on your best behaviour

Always follow staff directions

No SCP:SL or Server Staff impersonation.

Cheating result in a global ban from the game.

Server Rules

< SCP:SL (In-Game) Rules >

# 1. Always follow staff directions.
# 2. No SCP:SL or Server Staff impersonation.
# 3. No cheating, Doing so will result in a global ban from all SCP Secret Laboratory servers.
# 4. Don't exploit.
> Don't use game exploits in your favour. Like jumping down the pole of 939 spawn or standing on top of shelves.
# 5. Do not close doors on teammates or lock them in rooms!
# 6. Spawn camping/killing is forbidden.
# 7. Camping is forbidden. Do not delay the round longer than necessary.
# 8. No racism. This will result in a 50yr/perm ban.
# 9. Do not play music in spectator or on the intercom and don't mic spam in general.
> keep soundboards to a minimum
# 10. Teaming is not allowed (Except between Chaos and SCP)
> Sparing someone's life is not considered teaming. Just make sure you go your separate ways.
# 11. No extended talk in any other language than English.
# 12. Do NOT kill scps as SCP-079.
# 13. No advertising youtube/twitch/discord etc in any way.
# 14. Misusing/Abusing the AFK System is not allowed.
# 15. Abiding by Steam Terms of Service, you may not play under the age of 13.
# 16. Personal Harassment is forbidden.
# 17. Any and all topics that contain either NSFW, NSFL or any other topic connected to something sexual is prohibited.
> This includes, but is not limited to playing sexual sounds/moans or telling someone something about these topics.
# 18. No sexism.