Welcome to Tea's SCP:SL Server!
Server is hosted in the UK

1. No cheating. (esp, teleport, flying)
2. No discrimination. (racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism)
3. Teamkilling is allowed but generally frowned upon by other players.
4. Don't mic-spam or play ear-rape/loud sounds.
4. Soundboards are allowed but generally keep them to a minimum.
5. Have fun just don't be dicks and cause anarchy.
Community server: https://discord.gg/T7xxZ4uWwu

remote key card: this plugin allows you to just have the key card in
the inventory to be able to use

respawn timer: this shows an accurate countdown of when the next
spawn wave of CI or MTF is coming for spectators

serpents hand: this adds the serpents hand faction to be able to
spawn once per round with a max team of 8 that help the SCP

stalky 106: this plugin allows SCP 106 to periodically teleport to the closest person

wait and chill: instead of staring at a black screen you are instead
put into a random waiting room around the facility waiting to start the round