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Larry's Dominion

Server Rules

1. Hacking or Exploiting will result in a ban.
2. Roleplaying is permitted, but is not enforced.
3. Teaming is only allowed across classes that share similar win conditions (MTF and Scientists, etc.)
- EXCEPTION: Teaming can be ignored in situations where both parties benefit, such as MTF and CI teaming up to kill an SCP that threatens to kill them both, or someone letting an SCP out when they're both locked in a room. However, CI and SCPs cannot team together (CI does not have to kill SCPs and should instead prioritize helping Class-D's escape).
4. As a Guard, MTF, or CI you must detain unarmed cooperative Class-D/Scientists for interrogation.
- If a player naturally spawns with a gun (such as Facility Guards), they can surrender to enemies if they are caught off guard or if it is apparent they have no chance of survival otherwise.
- Any player who is detained cannot be killed by other teammates (such as MTF killing a disarmed Class-D)
- If a Class-D or Scientist is stalling the round (Everyone else is MTF/CI except them) they may be killed in order to end the round
5. No NSFW, racism, sexism, or bigotry. This includes racial and homophobic slurs, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or race.
6. Music is permitted in proximity chat, but mic spam/earrape is strictly forbidden in Spectator, Radio, or SCP chat
7. VPNs and Proxies are not allowed for security reasons. You will be blocked from joining if you have a VPN. Please disable your VPN if you want to join the server.
8. Do not use any external software (Such as Discord) to communicate with each other and gain an unfair advantage.
9. If a player is trapped in a room, an Admin reserves the right to open the door for them to prevent round stalling.

Server Settings

- Friendly Fire is off
- The Warheads automatically detonate 25 minutes into the round, they cannot be turned off (14 minutes after decontamination)
- Warhead Duration is 90 seconds
- Gates A and B are not locked open while the warheads are detonating
- You retain your items when you escape
- Items held in your hand are upgraded in SCP-914. Items in your inventory are not upgraded.
- Players are kicked for being AFK after staying in spawn for 90 seconds
- There are 2 pocket dimension exits. Exits are not randomized on escape.
- MTF can cuff Scientists, and CI can cuff Class-D. Enemies who are cuffed and escape join your team.

Gameplay Changes

- When coins are put in SCP-914 on Fine or Very Fine, it can be upgraded to give you better items. This can help Class-D on a populated server to get keycards after all of the cards have already been taken. Very Fine gives better items, but has a high chance of destroying the coin. Coins can spawn around LCZ and in Lockers. One coin is given to every Class-D as well.
- New team called Serpent's Hand added. This is a small faction that wants to liberate SCPs and make them public knowledge. This organization is small, and as such, they take longer to take advantage of the containment breach, and once they're used, they can't afford to send another squad. This team is hostile to all Human classes and friendly to SCPs. TSH cannot spare to waste resources, meaning it cannot spawn if all SCPs are terminated. 50% chance to spawn instead of CI (after first CI spawn).
- Another additional team called the Unusual Indicents Unit. The UIU is a branch of the FBI sent to investigate possible anomalous objects. The UIU is sent to reinforce MTF units when they aren't able to complete their mission. The UIU has nearly 2x health but has less effective weapons. A maximum of 8 units can be spawned per respawn wave, however unlike TSH, the UIU has much more resources meaning it cannot be depleted. 50% chance to spawn instead of MTF (after first MTF respawn).
- SCP-1499, SCP-714, and Amnestic Pills have been added. A description of each item is provided when you pick it up or equip it.
- HCZ Decontamination has been added. This will permanently lock off HCZ and kill anyone inside 10 minutes after LCZ Decontamination has completed. The warheads will detonate 5 minutes after that, which pushes players out of the facility more gradually.
- Every 6 minutes, a Camera Scan initiates. This will give a count of all Human factions, and a list of all surviving SCPs.
- Disarming system rework; Players cannot be cuffed if they are holding an item. Players who escape will spawn at the escape zone instead of their normal spawn location. MTF/CI can be cuffed and escorted to the escape zone to turn into the opposite team.
- Several new subclasses have been added. For example, Scientists have a rare chance to spawn with better equipment, like a Scientist Major card.
- MTF units do not activate Tesla Gates. Facility Guards still activate them, however.