Hello! Welcome to SiteFunnyArea! Please read our rules and info about the server!

Disclaimer! This is not a heavily modded server. It only contains quality of life changes. Respawn timer, discord stuff, fun event managers for certain events, nothing major. If your looking for a heavily modded server we have another one that has all that. If you like classic secret lab with only very few changes you've come to the right place!

1. No cheating or exploiting (Yes we still have to remind people sadly.)
2. No slurs or any offensive behaviors (Racism, Homophobic comments/insults, Slurs, Any other offensive stuff will not be tolerated and will result in a mute or a ban.)
3. No toxicity or bullying. (Please, it's just not needed. Of course your allowed to jokingly mess around but don't go over the top.)
4. No teaming allowed. (MTF/SCPs, Chaos/MTF.) Only Chaos Insurgency may team with the SCPs. The SCPs are allowed to show mercy to Class D but must kill MTF team. (Guard, MTF, Scientists.)
5. No camping spawns. (No sitting at escape point for Class D and Scientists, No waiting for MTF or Chaos to spawn.)
6. No extreme mic spam. (No making loud noises or playing music in spectator chat. Yes that stuff is allowed in game when alive. If you get annoyed just mute them or if staff is on get them to mute the person.)
9. No shooting/killing detained or complying personnel (Unless you disarmed them then you have say on their life.)

If you would like to join our discord https://discord.gg/YWsrTU8Z6m join if you'd like :D (You get more updates here about the server but overall nice place to chill at if you'd like.)