skee's Sussy Server is hosted by: skee#1968. If you have any problems, please contact skee with the Discord information listed.

Discord server [WIP]:


1) No mic spam - Punishment results in 1 hour mute

2) No cheating - No warnings, you will immediately get perma-banned upon cheat detection

3) Teaming is allowed unless you are attempting to hold up the round

4) Be moderately respectful to other players

5) If someone is obviously being detained and taken by a guard, do not attempt to kill the detained person unless there is good reason



Class-D always spawn with a coin
Class-D may turn into scientists upon going into 914 on the "one to one" setting
079 will become a random SCP at half health if all SCPs besides 079 have died
You can upgrade things held in your hand in 914
You can access all keycard authentication systems while your keycard is only in your inventory
914 allows you to teleport to a random room at half health if you go into it on the "coarse" setting
SCPs may swap with other SCPs if both players are in agreement about the swap
Serpent's hand will spawn (if there are abundant players in the server) at the start of the round

More coming soon!