Welcome to Diet Water Land!

🔸 We reserve the right to use discretion in moderating you, even if you do something bad that isn't explicitly listed in these rules.

🔸 All chat rooms are to remain PG-13, no topic of discussion is supposed to be explicit.

🔸 You are to respect yourself and all DW personnel.

🔸 Leaking any personal information is not tolerated, and will be highly punished.

🔸 Do not advertise any unofficial DW in the server or through DMs via sharing the same server with other personnel.

🔸 Blackmail and threats will not be tolerated, if you do, you are a subject of termination.

🔸 Spamming any mic channels is not allowed.

🔸 Racial, sexual slurs will not be tolerated

🔸 Moderate swearing is permitted, excessive swearing will result in punishment.

🔸 Teamkilling is allowed, but do not excessively do it.

Join our community, and find other Diet Water enjoyers here: https://discord.gg/Ehw2fQmHUb

And Remember, Stay Hydrated!