<align="center"><size=150%>EPYC Gaming Foundation [FF ON]

<align="center"><size=130%>Please make sure to also join our Discord server. You can find our server by clicking here

<align="center"><size=130%>We are supportive towards new players. We encourage new players to ask for help from the more experienced players/staff. Experienced players that are verified by our staff have the grey "Instructor" badge.

<align="left"><size=115%>1. Microphone is mandatory
<align="left"><size=90%>Playing without a microphone makes it difficult for your teammates to communicate with you. You can't play on our servers when you don't have a microphone.

<align="right"><size=115%>2. Music over voicechat
<align="right"><size=90%>While music in the voicechat can sometimes be fun, we ask you to keep it for everyone! This means keep it within reason. Always remember that players can report you to the moderators.

<align="left"><size=115%>3. No toxicity
<align="left"><size=90%>It's okay to be mad when you die in a tense situation and you can tell the other spectators how unreasonable that was. Just remember to keep it fun for everyone!

<align="right"><size=115%>4. No teamkilling
<align="right"><size=90%>While friendly fire is turned on in this server, no one likes it when getting (intentionally) teamkilled. The reason we keep FF on, is that you need to pay attention on who you shoot, instead of just randomly shooting at people. Teamkilling can happen on accident. If that happens (not too often), just apologize as soon as possible. If it happens too often, a moderator will give you a punishment. Revenging teamkillers is also punishable since we can't know who started. Instead: please report the player from the players list (N). Teamkilling isn't allowed, not even when you are asked to.

<align="left"><size=115%>5. Teaming with the enemy is not allowed
<align="left"><size=90%>Maybe your friend is in the other team, but that doesn't mean you should make the round unfair for your fellow community members! Class-D-Chaos and MTF-Scientist are together. Chaos is allowed to team up with SCP's but not forced to do so.

<align="right"><size=115%>6. No cheating
<align="right"><size=90%>Any form of cheating is banned from this server. Cheating makes the game unfair for other community members and is therefore strictly forbidden.

<align="left"><size=115%>7. Don't camp too long
<align="left"><size=90%>Of course you can wait at the door if you know for sure someone will be there soon. But because the facility is quite large, especially when you're playing with few other players, we ask you not to stay in the same place the entire round. If no one shows up, choose a new location, or go look for them

<align="right"><size=115%>8. Do not excessively troll
<align="right"><size=90%>Let's be honest: this can be fun.... sometimes. Just keep in mind that we would like this game to be enjoyable for everyone. Trolling includes, but is not limited to, closing doors before teammates, changing settings in 914 etc.

<align="left"><size=115%>9. How to use in-game reports.
<align="left"><size=90%>Reporting players in-game (player list and then the exclamation mark after the username) is useful if moderators aren't online. Your username and the reported username will be visible. Please provide a useful description so our moderators know what is going on.

<align="right"><size=115%>Keep in mind
<align="right"><size=90%>Keep the game fun for everyone, use common sense on your decisions and we will all have a great time! It's always possible to ping a moderator in the Discord server, even when you are banned from the SCP server.

<align="center"><size=85%>These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice. To contact us, please use our Discord server (link at the top of this page)
(Last revision: 31-10-2021 DD-MM-YYYY)