This server is currently Server 3
</size>(Plugin Testing/Admin Abuse)

1. No bullying people.
2. No random teamkilling.
3. No Self-Promotion.
4. No cheating/exploiting of any sorts.
5. Listen to all admins/staff.
6. Join the discord to appeal a ban or wait for it to expire. (Don't beg for an unban)
7. No Discrimination, light jokes are fine.

Rules: (Staff)
1. Do not take admin abuse too far.
2. Do not unfair kill (Killing someone with noclip)
3. Don't over-use spawning commands
4. Don't purposely crash the server, accidental is ok.

Support and Links</size>
Contact email: [email protected]
Discord Server (Now Clickable): Click Me or go to discord.gg/NPnQ8pFNBB

Public Notice
Inferno Servers will be down often. to prevent the risk of overheating as it's a <color=red>Dedicated server. As well as medium/high ping due to internet problems, these will eventually be fixed.