we follow the second ammendment here, so the first response to somebody breaking the rules should always be to just shoot them, regardless of teamkill. if you can't kill them or killing them is otherwise ineffective, then go to a moderator.

I won't make a rule against closing doors on teammates, but your teammates are allowed to shoot you without warning if you close more than 2 doors on them.

micspam on SCP chat, spectator chat or radio chat is not allowed. micspam in proximity chat/intercom is perfectly fine.

teaming is fine, but don't do it if it's holding up the round. if you team with an enemy and the enemy is still hostile against your team, your team is allowed to shoot you and consider you as an enemy. (an MTF teams with chaos, chaos shoots the other MTF, the other MTF are allowed to shoot that MTF.)

racism is not tolerated and will get you muted very quickly.
if you play a song with a racial slur in it or something along those lines you will be warned, muted if you don't stop after the warning.

I shouldn't even have to say this one: DON'T CHEAT.

you should be 12 years or older to play on this server. you will not be banned for being under 12, it is just a recommendation.

mods can and will enforce things not stated here. if you feel this power has been abused, @ the owner on the discord.

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