Welcome to <color=#9d021f>Elysium</color>

GAME STATUS - Event in progress

<align=center>We are an EU based, High performance server that aims for a unique and fun experience.

We feature custom props and mechanics, even exclusive for this server; From our take on the surface area to vending machines scattered around the facility, we hope to make this server an amazing place for you and your friends when you want to pull the plug on repetitive rounds and bring a bit of the old game experience SCP:SL used to have.

Have a great time in Elysium!

[ Discord server (click me to join!) ]</size=20>

<align=center>「 Server Rules 」</b>
<align=left><size=12>1. Make sure to be a decent human being and respect other players in the server. Refrain from being annoying in any way, from mic spamming too much to talking about inappropriate content.

2. Main language focus of this server is English so refrain from actively communicating in other languages.

3. SCPs and anti-foundation forces are allowed to team, but it's in their interest to play by their objective if they choose to. SCPs are also allowed to spare targets if they choose to and temporary truces between enemies are allowed.

4. Do not KOS, attempt to cuff first. You may KOS if you're certain that your target is armed and refuses to surrender. This rule does not strictly apply between d-class and scientists.

5. This server does not focus on meta-game and tryharding, it tries to replicate the vibe that old SCP:SL had. It's allowed and encouraged to wander around, create funny scenarios, roleplay with the other players and have fun doing so!
On the flip side, if you try-hard too much, do a favor to the world and either stop or go play on another server. If you don't do either, the staff team will take care of it.

6. Suiciding as an SCP or any other class will result in a 3 hours ban at least. This behavior is annoying for everyone and there's no justification for ruining the round's balance and flow for everyone just because you don't like to play as that class. If there's a member of staff online, you can kindly request to be removed from the SCP team</size=13>


<align=center>「 Plugins & Features 」</size=18>

<size=16>We have many plugins here, However here are some of our best ones!
<align=left><size=12>[Map Editor Reborn]: The main highlight of our server! Map editor reborn allows us to add custom maps to the server, This can include Modified surface zones and entire new rooms added to the game!

[SCP Proximity Chat] This plugin allows all SCP subjects to use proximity chat to communicate with human classes!
[Vending Machines] The VendingMachines plugin is a Custom Made plugin that works alongside MER, This allows user to walk up to a custom modeled vending machine and interact with it using coins in exchange for a random item!

<align=left>[Custom End Conditions]: Allows the server to revert the stupid change that Northwood did by adding chaos as targets for SCPs.

<size=15><align=center>For any extra information that you need, open a ticket on the Discord server or ask a member of staff.

Anything with "[ ]" are clickable links.