Alphabetic SCP Rules

You can play on the server from the age of 13!

1. Cheating and exploitation are strictly prohibited

2. Phishing and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited

3. Racism, discrimination and other offensive content is strictly prohibited, but mild swearing is allowed if it is not aimed at other players

4. Harassment and baseless, out-of-game accusations against other players are strictly prohibited.

5. Microphone spam and Voicechanger are prohibited. Music input is allowed (intercom/radio). however, not anymore in (Spectator/Scp) chat!

6. The senseless killing of D-Class is allowed (for the sake of the weaker ones), there is no such thing as "I surrender myself" or something that gives you up so you don't get killed!


8. Teamwork and camping are allowed as long as they do not lead to the drawing of a stick. This rule applies to everyone, scientist or D-boi

Teamwork Example:
If a D-boi and a scientist team up to get out, that's fine!
But if a Chaos and an MTF team up against the scp's, it will already attract a sanction!

9. Fake player reporting and abuse of the in-game player reporting feature is prohibited.

10. Interference with the work of the moderators is prohibited. (for the sake of the weaker ones) Do not shoot the moderator/admin from the tutorial tower because it entails a sanction!
11. Team Sabotage Not allowed as MTF/Chaos/Scientist/D-Class/SCP.

12. Spawnkill Forbidden (after the players in the spawnwave have moved, they can be killed) afk players can be killed!

13. Playing music is allowed as long as you don't earrape.

13/A. Playing music in Spectator and SCP Chat is STRICTLY PROHIBITED

13/B. Music playback is enabled in Proximity, Radio and Intercom

14. Role Throwing is strictly prohibited!

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