Welcome to Ice Wolf

We are currently looking for staff members. If you're interested, please apply on our Discord server (the application can be found in the "Announcements" channel)
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1. Cheating and exploiting are strictly prohibited.
2. Any sort of illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
3. Anything not safe for work is prohibited.
4. Generally Relaxed Don't tryhard please
5. Racist, discriminatory, and offensive language or behavior will not be tolerated.
6. Harassment, toxicity, and baseless accusations against other players are not allowed
7. Staff or player impersonation is strictly prohibited.
8. Teaming is allowed as long as it does not delay the round.
9. Mic spamming/Soundboards are prohibited in spectators' chat, and on the radio, soundboards are permitted everywhere else so long as it's not earape.
10. Advertisements, including servers and social media, are strictly prohibited.
11. Use common sense - if you think something might be against the rules, don't do it.
12. False reporting and abuse of the in-game reporting function is not allowed.
13. Encouraging others to violate server rules is strictly prohibited.
14. KOS (kill on sight) is not allowed.
15. Don't annoy staff
16. Don't Mass Team Kill
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