Discord: https://discord.gg/52hJE27

Server Rules:
1. No racism of ANY kind
2. Nothing homophobic
3. Hacking, cheating, or using game glitches is not allowed
4. Respect everyone
3a. Staff have final say
5. D-Class should be detained and not shot on sight by MTF
6. No camping in a room for more than 5 min. If you have a card leave.
7. Try not to hold up a game
8. Music/soundboards are fine, just no mic spam
8a. No songs/sound can have racial/homophobic slurs in it
8b. Ram Ranch or anything related to that is NOT allowed
9. If turned into 049-2 don't kill yourself/leave to avoid being it
10. Ghosting is not allowed
11. Have fun!

Server Restarts Every Morning at 3:00 AM

FF On every friday!