ProKameron's SCP Server

This server is heavily modded. You can find the plugin list in the discord server here. (clickable).

All SCPs are able to talk to humans, using the V key.
Auto Nuke is disabled, for now.
Nuke time is 120 seconds.
Serpents Hand can sometimes spawn instead of Chaos Insurgency. Chaos Insurgency and Serpents Hand do not win together, but SCPs and Chaos Insurgency do.
All Class-D Personnel spawn with a Coin. When putting the coin in SCP-914 on Fine, it turns into a Janitor Keycard.
SCP-079 has commands
Blackouts cause SCP-575 to spawn. However, it only affects Heavy Containment Zone. If you do not have a flashlight, you are damaged by SCP-575.
You can change your SCP Items using SCP-914 on 1:1. It's pretty OP.
We have a lot of custom items. So don't try the excuse of "<person who used the custom item> is hacking"
PKA-220, the One Shot Rock, spawns in Micro HID room and looks like SCP-018, the ball. However, once thrown using right click, it turns into a normal rock.

1. No KOS (Kill On-Site)! You may not kill unarmed personnel without valid reasoning!
2. No hacking or cheating.
3. No form of racism/sexism of any kind.
4. No micspamming in SCP Chat, Dead Chat, Intercom, Radio, etc.
5. Chaos Insurgency and Serpents Hand may NOT team with eachother.
6. Chaos Insurgency and SCPs may team with eachother, but if Serpents Hand arrive, the SCPs must make a choice to either stick with SH or stay away from them and team with CI.