Please read the full server rules at (clickable link)

~FF is On - Don't Abuse It.
~You are not allowed to kill AFK players, unless they're holding up the match.
~Guards, your only allowed to shoot D-Class if they don't surrender when they see you.
~D-Class, if you see a guard and you don't surrender right away, they can kill you.
~It isn't allowed to "pretend" to surrender, this is why guards kill on sight in most servers.
~Surrendering in this server constitutes turning away from the guard, and jumping twice.

Mic Rules
~If you want to play music, ask first. If someone asks you to turn it off and you don't, they are permitted to Team Kill you.
~No Politics when the server is populated
~No Sexual Talk, whether its about what you like or don't like.
~No Spamming Spectator or Radio Chat
~No Slurs of any kind.

| MediateGG is a hobby website I'm making for fun. There isn't much to it but I'm slowly adding more whenever I get the chance to play a game. An SCP:SL play guide, information, Server Hosting How-To, and more will be up soon.

| Contact
| Website :
| Email : [email protected]
| Discord Link :

| Info
| Server Owner : Nerdalert
| Server Location : US West