Welcome to:

<align=center>Dimensional Paradise

Please read our rules before proceeding within the server and join our discord!

<align=center>Discord ~ (clickable)


<align=center>[Section 1: Small Infractions.]

Soundboards are allowed within the server, but audios that could be considered "bass-boosted" are STRICTLY prohibited, Spamming these sounds during the game can and will lead to a Mute alongside other punishments.

<size=12>Drawings are allowed within the server but certain topics are prohibited, these are but not limited to: Swastikas or Polemic / Prejudiced Messages.

<size=12>Do not make any form of "RP Stores" within the server as it takes away the main focus of the server.

<align=center><size=18>[Section 2: Medium Infractions]

Chaos and MTF are the only human classes that are <color=red>NOT allowed to work together, under no circumstances should they be found doing so.</color>

<size=12>Camping generally is prohibited, but the max tolerance is limited to: 1 minute and 30 seconds.

<size=12>Anti-Game Actions are Prohibited, this includes:
<size=12>Closing the Door on your Team-Mates to cause them to die to an SCP.
<size=12>Not Collaborate on Purpose for the Team's Victory.

<size=12>Being Toxic is STRICTLY Prohibited, this includes:
<size=12>Disobeying Staff Order.
<size=12>Cursing Out People or Being Offensive towards them in any way.

<align=center><size=18>[Section 3: Big Infractions]

<size=12>Bug / Glitch Abuse of any kind are prohibited.
<size=12>Cheats and Any Form of "External Software" used within the Application are prohibited.
<size=12>Prejudice is terminally prohibited within the Server, This includes but is not limited to: Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Sexism.
<size=12>Impersonation of any Staff Member can lead to further punishments.