<color=red><style="title"><size=130%>I’m Not Stupid<color=#404040>Cloud Services</style>
<align="center"><color=white><size=100%>Welcome to our SCP: Secret Laboratory server.

<style="title"><size=80%><color=#ff9900>Server Rules</style><size=100%>
<color=red>(1) <color=white>Cheating, exploiting, and hacking is strictly prohibited
<color=red>(2) <color=white>Staff members have the ability to ban or suspend your account based on their discretion. If you disagree with them, send an email to [email protected] to discuss.
<color=red>(3) <color=white>Harassment of other players is not allowed.
<color=red>(4) <color=white>Teaming is allowed, so long as it doesn't delay the round.
<color=red>(5) <color=white>Impersonation as Northwood, SCP:SL, or I’m Not Stupid staff members is forbidden.
<color=red>(6) <color=white>Do not suicide to avoid playing a specific class. Just play what you get. If EVERYONE did it, it would ruin the game. Don’t do it.
<color=red>(7) <color=white>Misuse of the in-game reporting system is forbidden.
<color=red>(8) <color=white>Team sabotage is allowed as long as it abides by the rules.
<color=red>(9) <color=white>Excessive mic-spam while spectating or using the intercom is not allowed.
<indent=15%><color=#828282><size=80%>(9.1) The use of soundboards and text-to-speech engines are allowed, even on the intercom.</indent>
<indent=15%><color=#828282>(9.2) All content which is excessively loud (i.e. earrape) is banned.</indent>
<size=100%><color=red>(10) <color=white>Any and all illegal content is strictly forbidden.
<color=red>(11) <color=white>Do not exploit to lag the server, glitch into bugged spots on the map or anything else that gives you an advantage against the intention of the game code. If it FEELS like cheating, it probably is. Cut it out.
<color=red>(12) <color=white>NO SPAM or advertisements!
<color=red>(13) <color=white>No griefing your team such as activating a tesla gate on SCP teammates as SCP-079.

<style="title"><size=90%><color=#d60000>Additional Information</style>
<size=85%>If for any reason you need to contact the server host, please email ethan.samuel.battle(at)gmail.com.

<size=100%><style="title"><color=#03b300>Have fun! </style>

<color=red><size=75%>Last updated: <color=white>18 January 2023