Donuts Containment Breach server rules:

1. No harrassment of other players
2. No mic spamming (Constant soundboards, excessively loud screaming, etc.)
3. No Racism, Sexism, Homophobic/Transphobic behaviour or speech, will be met with only a single warning, then a ban.
4. Please have a good reason for shooting a D-class as a guard or MTF. Same goes for Chaos shooting Scientists (Example of a good reason is if the D-Class has a gun, but if the D-Class only has a keycard, detain them, not kill them.)
5. RP is encouraged, if your a scientist, attempt to run experiments, defect to the Chaos insurgency if that is the role you want to play. FF is on, so you can play the part of a double agent who wants to take down the foundation, or the insurgency.
6. SCP's and Chaos can team up to capture the facility, but SCP's are encouraged to kill anyone they see.
7. KOS is punishable, attempt to capture an enemy player, if they fail to follow orders, then you may kill them.
8. Players can attempt to use the SCP's to their advantage, like trapping someone else in a room with 173 and 096, selling out other players to try and escape, etc.
9. Mods are not above the rules, any mod caught breaking the rules can and will be removed, as well as banned depending on the offense.
10. TK is not punishable if used in self defence, or you are acting as a defector. This does not however mean you can go and mass kill everyone for the "Lulz". Try to be mindful of other players, and try to allow others to also have fun on the server.

You do not need to hold or drop items to upgrade them in 914, they can be upgraded from your inventory.

Custom Units

Current Admins:

Any questions, you can easily contact the mod team at: