Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hvcFUqsexK
Welcome to Goober Paradise! Here our main focus as a server and community is fun!!!
- Goober Paradise is a community server for SCP:SL that focuses on just trying to be a fun time.
- We Have Plugins!
-Events will be held every few rounds when a mod/admin or I'm in the server

Server Features:
-Nuke start time is 120 seconds rather than the default 90
-Items can be held when upgrading in 914
-Less Stamina is used in running and will regen 3x Faster
-Intercom has a 70 second cooldown timer and can be used for up to a minute
-You can be afk for up to 2 minutes before being auto-kicked
-Friendly Fire Automatically enables upon round end
-You can use keycard without holding them out on everything except generators
-SCPS will be replace by a spectator upon disconnecting or leaving
-Stats appear at the end of the round
-SCP 096 Viewing notification
-Heal Scps With Medical Items using the command .heal near an SCP!



1. Server members are not allowed to intentionally exploit glitches, use hacks or scripts, steal player information, or DDOS the server.

2. Server members are not allowed to make racist comments or sexually harass members for any reason. Don't abuse the n-word.

3. Facility Guards and Mobile Task Force Members are not allowed to KOS (Kill on Sight) Class D Personnel.
Unless a Class D has a weapon in hand, is known to have killed someone on your team, or refuses to comply with orders, you are not allowed to kill them.
Uncuffing a detained D Class so you can kill them also violates this rule.
Scientists, Class D, and Chaos Insurgency are exempt from any KOS rules.

4. Server members are not to be generally provocative and harass other users. Banter and jokes are fine however, just don't overdo it.

5. Teaming between classes that normally do not work together is allowed as long as it does not prolong the round.

6. Server Members are not to intentionally hold up a round. (Ex. Refusing to escape, hiding in a place for over 3 minutes, camping alpha warhead silo, sitting on surface as MTF and not doing anything, intentionally deactivating warhead to prevent round ending) Server members are also not allowed to intentionally sabotage their team, this includes: (closing doors intentionally on their team, turning off generators on the MTF team, killing yourself as SCP 049-2).

7. Music and soundboards are allowed on the server as long as it isn't excessively spammed or contains any provocative content. Refrain from using these in an annoying way such as: (spamming intercom with the same song, playing loud distorted music over radio, making annoying noises, bothering people in spectator chat) If someone asks you to stop, stop.

8. Server members will not find or abuse loopholes in any of the rules, or attempt to bait or provoke admins with such.

9. Server members are not allowed to appeal mutes or argue for a punishment. They can only appeal bans that are over 1 week long.

10. Server members are not to beg for items, roles, or admin.

11. Server members are not allowed to evade admins. This means muting them, ignoring them, or disconnecting from the server after a violation.


Admins are not allowed to interfere with vanilla gameplay in anyway, give players items or information outside of event rounds, harass server members, or give anyone special treatment.

And Now We ask of you, the player, to help us with this. There is only so many people operating this server, and we can't always be here to enforce the rules, so please do your part so the server can be fun for everyone! Please report any sort of admin abuse to the Head Admin on discord.