<size=25>Welcome to the slug shack vanilla. These are the rules.</size=25>
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1. No cheating, hacking, ghosting, or metagaming of any sort.

2. Don't be a jerk. Respect other members of the community. If you pretend like you don't know what this means, you're being a jerk. This also means no targeted harassment or bigotry.

3. No griefing. Make an actual effort to win for your team, and do not screw over the other members of your team.

4. Teaming between classes that are normally in opposition to each other is allowed, as long as it benefits both teams.

5. Killing unarmed D-class on sight as MTF or Facility Guard is not allowed, unless it would end the round (that is, killing that single user will immediately bring up the victory/stalemate/defeat screen). You must first make an effort to detain them. This rule does not apply to Class-D, Scientists, or Chaos Insurgency.

6. SCPs must have a microphone to communicate with their teammates. If they don't, they will be swapped with another player who has a working microphone.

7. Do not micspam excessively. If your microphone picks up too much background noise, you will be asked to refrain from using it. Avoid using excessively low-quality microphones.

8. Being egregiously unfunny on the intercom, or anywhere else in the server for that matter, is grounds for a temporary ban. This is not a joke. Spamming the intercom or overusing it is also not allowed.

9. Staff has the final say in any incident. Don't waste your time arguing with them. Also, remember that the staff are human and moderate both this server and the Discord server without getting paid.

10. ONLY users with the in-game TRIAL MOD, MODERATOR, ADMIN, HEAD ADMIN, and THE SLUG badges have moderation powers. People with the REGULAR, HALL OF FAME, or custom badges DO NOT HAVE moderation powers.

11. This server operates under the idea of Jester's Privilege: you can break the rules as long as it's funny (to staff, specifically).

Breaking any of the above rules will result in a kick, temporary ban, or permanent ban from the SCP: Secret Lab server. Unless the offense is severe, you will still have access to our other gameservers.