SCP: SL Battle

Server Rules
1. No hate speech will be tolerated. (racism, sexism, etc.) -- Music containing the "N word" if not discriminatory is allowed.
2. No stalling the game.
3. No killing cuffed obedient personnel.
4. No abusing bugs.
5. Do not abuse the report system (fake reports, troll reports, etc.)
6. No teaming.

Server Plugins

- Naturally Spawning Guns: On the ground will be guns of different rarities. The further you progress, the better the guns! (Light has bad loot, heavy has mid loot, entrance has good loot and surface has OP loot.)
A single Mythical weapon spawns in the game randomly.

- The Storm: Run for your lives! After a few minutes, the storm will start affecting Light. It will then move into Heavy, then finally, the nuke will go off.

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Thank you for playing on LabRoyale!