<b> Leon's Laboratory <b>

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<B> Rules: <b>
1. Be respectful, We do not tolerate any form of Racism, Sexism or Homophobia.
2. Don't mic spam (Soundboards are allowed in-game but if someone asks you to stop doing so, listen to them. Soundboards are not allowed in the spectator chat.)
3. No team sabotage (Closing doors on each other, Teamkilling with 079 etc).
4. KOS is not allowed (Killing on Sight, Shooting an Unarmed DClass/Scientist that is willing to comply whilst you are Guard, MTF/Chaos, You are however allowed to kill them if you don't comply with your demands, however, your demands should be reasonable).
An exception to this rule: If Chaos/MTF spawn you are allowed to KOS Scientists/DCLass depending on who spawned.
5. No cross-teaming (SCP & MTF, Scientists, Security). Chaos and SCP's are allowed to team.
6. Do not intentionally try to lag the server. (i.e Snapping Serpents neck constantly as peanut.)
7. Staff always has the final word.
8. Use common sense, just because a Rule has not been listed doesn't mean you can behave like apes. <b>

<B> Plugin list: <b>
- Tranqgun (A tranquillizer gun that allows you to temporarily disable enemies and SCP's)
- Stalky 106 (This allows 106 to teleport to a random player after a certain amount of time, this means 106 is more true to the lore.)
- Better SCP 939 (939 is 25% smaller, faster and gets stronger the more damage it takes from humans.)
- ScpStats (This gives you the discord rank in-game and allows you to track and flex your stats in the discord server. This plugin also comes with the Hats for the Patreons)
- Pets (Allows you to have a custom pet follow you around through the rounds, accessible for Patreon tier 3)
- Better Sinkholes (Sinkholes in LCZ similar to SCP: CB. These slow you down and going too far in will take you to the pocket dimension.)
- Serpent's Hand (This can spawn Serpent's hand instead of chaos, their job is to work with the SCP's and kill everyone else.)
- UAFK (An AFK replacement plugin that lets you replace a player that disconnects/is AFK for a longer duration of times.)
- Cuffed TK (A plugin that prevents you from shooting cuffed players so we can prevent KOS)
- Wait And Chill (Adds a fun lobby you can chill in before the round starts)