Welcome to Locked-In! An enigmatic SCP:SL experience.

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Locked-In🔒 Rules

1. Follow the EULA and GSR.
1.1. For more information on the EULA or the GSR of SCP:SL, go to our Discord Server or click on anything underlined.

2. No cross-teaming
2.1. Cross-teaming is only allowed if deals are done. Deals can not hold up round or be unfair for each team.
2.1.1. D-Class Personnel has Jesters Privilege, meaning they can ignore 2.1.

3. No mic-spam
3.1. Mic-spam is only allowed in proximity chat.
3.2. Soundboards and voice-mods can not give any advantage.
3.3. No NSFW
3.3.1. This includes noises and suggestive acts.

4. No team-killing
4.1. Intentional team-killing is forbidden.
4.1.1 D-Class' Jesters Privilege, they may team-kill other D-Class.
4.2.1. Team-Killing is allowed if recipient agrees.

5. No abusing privileges
5.1. Staff can not abuse players.
5.1.1 Players can allow staff to "abuse" them if they choose.
3.1.2 Staff can abuse players through events.

To see our Plugins or for additional information on our rules, join our <color=#0F0F0F>Locked-In' Discord.</color>